FYISFront Yard Impervious Surface (Ratio)
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The TDP and FYIs will be helping the Negros LGU to promote its tourism sites.
In a few year's time, we'll be able to map the Philippines' (tourism and livelihood potential) from the eyes of 15 FYIs," he said.
Exhibited are designs, products of young innovators--like a bag designed by Reese Fernandez, one of the FYIs.
Initially implemented in Negros Occidental, the TDP has tapped a pool of talents from the Filipino Youth Imagineers (FYI), a young innovators' group, to inspire entrepreneurship, livelihood programs, or to simply help do an "act of dreaming" among the youth in rural areas.
"We in FYI went to Negros for one week to help LGUs (local government units) and students.
Kawil Tours is another FYI that renders tourism and environmental conservation mentoring.
--DELETE or file all FYIs, optionally reading them first.
One couple on the FYI reality show worried about children while another wanted to be more open with each other.
Someone needed a break from their marriage already in the FYI series.
However, even with romantic feelings, it's hard for all the couples on the FYI reality show to be completely open with strangers. 
They all had their first fights in this episode of the FYI reality show, but they each handled it differently.
For some, it's like they've been together a long time, but others definitely started to feel a little uncomfortable being ( around a stranger in Season 4, episode 3 of the FYI series.