FYLPFor Your Listening Pleasure (Antique radio repair; Binghamton, NY)
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By contrast, several other noteworthy recordings by soloists and ensembles who were not so closely connected with Cage concentrated on much earlier works: Phillip Rehfeldt released a performance of the Sonata far Clarinet (1933) in 1964 (Advance FGR-4), and two different recordings of the Sonatas and Interludes appeared: the 1965 re-release of the Ajemian Dial recording and a new one by Yuji Takahashi (Fylkingen FYLP X101-2m, 1966; recorded in 1965).
OE scrifan 'shrive' < L scribere), but is not to be expected in words such as Pre-OE *triuwipu > OE treowp 'fidelity, truth', with the West Germanic suffix *-ipu also present in the proto-forms of nouns like OE haelp 'health', fylp (< *fulipu) 'filth', and in other words now surviving as tilth, strength, length, mirth, wrath, bliss, all with the original fricative in a voiced context.