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FYMFor Your Mind
FYMFarmyard Manure
FYMFree Your Mind
FYMFayyum (Egyptian autombile license plate)
FYMFor Your Misinformation
FYMForth Yacht Marina (boat showroom; Scotland, UK)
FYMFace Your Manga (website)
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The main plots were the fertility gradients (high and low) and the subplots were the fertilizer treatments; control, FYM and FYM+ mavuno.
The first and historic global walkathon by INC and FYM was held across 13 time zones, in 29 countries and involving 135 sites, the last of which was in Hawaii.
N), T3: farmyard manure based on N equivalency of recommended N, T4: vermicompost based on N equivalency of recommended N, T5: vermicompost (50% of treatment 4) + conventional compost (50% of treatment 2), T6: vermicompost (50% of treatment 4) + FYM (50% of treatment 3), T7: vermicompost (1/3 t/ha) + conventional compost (1/3 t/ha) + FYM (1/3 recommended), T8: vermicompost (50% of treatment 4) + 50% recommended NP, T9: conventional compost (50% of treatment 2) + 50% recommended NP, and T10: FYM (50% of treatment 3) + 50% recommended NP)) were used for HB-43 barley variety.
Organic mature farmyard manure (FYM) was applied before planting, while nitrogen was applied in two split doses, the first one before planting and the second one concurrently with the first earthing up.
In order to understand the effect of FYM on the availability and retention of heavy metals, detailed information is needed.
Key words: Turnip (Brassica rapa L), Organic manures (FYM, PM, GM, PrM, SS), Inorganic fertilizers (NPK), Growth parameters, Yield.
* [T.sub.1] = Soil application of FYM @ 100gm/pot+ Neem cake @ 100 gm+ seedling treatment with formulation of Azotobacter @ 5% + foliar spray of Mancozeb @ 0.25%.
From the results it was concluded that best an economical combination of organic fertilizers with inorganic fertilizers for optimum yield of wheat, yield and yield components and soil physico-chemical properties for sustainable yield were significantly enhanced with the application 20 tons FYM along with 75% NPK fertilization.
Three TPS genotypes; TPS-9802, TPS-9804, TPS-9805 and five substrates: (1) Soil + Sand, (2) Soil + FYM, (3) Soil + Sand + FYM, (4) Soil + PM, and (5) Soil + Sand + PM, were laid out in randomized complete block design (RCBD) with three replications.
harzianum @ 5kg with FYM 5t/ha was also comparable to carbofuran @ 1 kg a.i./ha for root knot nematode management in tuberose.
where y is a vector of observations of fat and protein content, respectively, matrix X is an incidence matrix and [beta] is a vector of unknown parameters for fixed effects, i.e., lactation number, litter size, linear regression on days in milk and FYM when it was treated as a fixed effect.
The FYM Foundation also built a garments factory and a learning center to initially offer kindergarten and Grade 1 elementary courses to Kabihug children.