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Amongst the manures, poultry manure (PM) and goat manure (GM) showed far better results for carrot growth and yield parameters, followed by sewage sludge (SS) and pressmud (PrM) and FYM, respectively.
From the results it was concluded that best an economical combination of organic fertilizers with inorganic fertilizers for optimum yield of wheat, yield and yield components and soil physico-chemical properties for sustainable yield were significantly enhanced with the application 20 tons FYM along with 75% NPK fertilization.
Three TPS genotypes; TPS-9802, TPS-9804, TPS-9805 and five substrates: (1) Soil + Sand, (2) Soil + FYM, (3) Soil + Sand + FYM, (4) Soil + PM, and (5) Soil + Sand + PM, were laid out in randomized complete block design (RCBD) with three replications.
harzianum @ 5kg with FYM 5t/ha was also comparable to carbofuran @ 1 kg a.
According to expectations, the lower phenotypic variance in univariate analyses was found when FYM was fitted as a fixed effect, similarly as in multivariate approach.
The FYM Foundation also built a garment factory and a learning center that will initially offer kindergarten and grade 1 elementary education to Kabihug children.
These findings are in line with those of scientists [2, 7, 12 and 13] who found a positive impact of combined use of NPK and FYM on sunflower yields.
Lisa Roberts, of Farming Connect, said: "The nutrient content of slurry and FYM can vary considerably from farm to farm depending on the number and type of livestock, the diet and type of bedding.
At the end of the study soils fertilized with vermicompost biofertilizers and organic mulching showed improvement in yield as compared to NPK+ FYM application.
So, a field study was conducted to evaluate yield potential of hybrid maize (32-W-86) with different N sources (urea, FYM and poultry manure (PM)) during two consecutive years 2006 and 2007.