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FYNFlorida Young Naturists (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)
FYNFlorida Yards and Neighborhoods Program
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Die eerlike, oop manier van vertel, die fyn bewuswees van emosionele nuanses en ironiee, verleen aan hierdie verhaal 'n eg klassieke karakter.
Por tanto, en el presente estudio se evaluo el efecto del 17 [beta]-estradiol sobre la expresion de Fyn y la interaccion de Tau con esta y otras proteinas como GSK3[beta]-ptyr relacionadas con la hiperfosforilacion de Tau y su potencial correlacion en un modelo de toxicidad por [beta]-amiloide.
They noted that the agents increased cell oxidation, which activated an enzyme known as Fyn kinase.
Gronlykke's tales draw on the rhythms of everyday life on Fyn, a small green dot in a vast sea of deep blue, under skies of varying shades of blue and gray.
They analyzed prescription records for antidiabetic drugs in Fyn County, Denmark (population 470,000), between 1993 and 1999 (Lancet 362[9383]:537-38, 2003).
The ordered modular ranks of the small technological and business institution, designed by Knud Holscher working with Alan Tye, contrasted with the tranquil green countryside of Fyn, the still largely pastoral island between Sealand and Jutland.
The Danish island of the Fyn (thatched villages, austere white churches, wild ponies) traditionally sends its bright teenagers to Copenhagen.
The 63-year-old retired primary school teacher, known as Fyn, lost her battle with cancer.
Farrell's essay, which uses the shifting meanings of "fyn" to cast light on the much debated question of the Troilus's conclusion, or Robert W.
In 1677 King Frederick III made Kingo bishop of Fyn. Thereafter, he wrote only hymns and religious poems and occasional poetry in honor of the royal family.
The increased production of sand and gravel from the sea floor reflects mainly the onset of the construction of an 18 km long fixed link between the main islands of Sjalland (where the capital is situated) and Fyn from where another bridge connects Fyn and the continent.