FYNESFluorescence Yield Near Edge Spectroscopy
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References in classic literature ?
It originated a good way further back in the fact of his accidental acquaintance with the Fynes, in the country.
You must understand that I cultivated the Fynes only in the country, in their holiday time.
How and where the Fynes got all these pretty creatures to come and stay with them I can't imagine.
I urged playfully the distress of the poor Fynes in case of accident, if nothing else.
"An--accident--called Fyne," he repeated separating the words with emphasis.
He was a terror; but the only evidence of imaginative faculty about Fyne was his pride in his wife's parentage.
Hamilton Fynes made his way quietly to the lower deck, which was almost deserted.
Hamilton Fynes showed no particular impatience to continue his journey.
Hamilton Fynes leaned over the wooden counter which separated him from the interior of the office.
Hamilton Fynes held out a letter which he had produced from his breast pocket, and which was, in appearance, very similar to the one which he had presented, a short time ago, to the captain of the Lusitania.
Fynes," he said, lifting the flap of the counter and coming out.
Hamilton Fynes answered; "I will walk up and down the platform."