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FYPFinal Year Project
FYPFive-Year Plan
FYPFor Your Pleasure
FYPFirst Year Program (College of the Holy Cross)
FYPFixed Your Post (newsgroups)
FYPFirst Year Premium (life insurance)
FYPFirst Year Players (Syracuse Univeristy musical theatre group)
FYPFive Year Program
FYPFoundation Year Programme (Canada)
FYPFoundation Year Program (University of Kings College)
FYPFor Your Perusal
FYPFreight Yard Pub (North Adams, MA)
FYPFull Year Projection
FYPFestival of Young Performers
FYPFlexible Year Program (Bryan Independent School District; Bryan, TX)
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By the end of 11th FYP, the ministry plans to establish a total of 62 central schools.
We were initially confused whether to pursue TAME as our FYP as it was to be a bio-medical product and we had little or no medical knowledge.
Supervisors of above mentioned winning FYPs received cash prizes of PKR 100,000/- PKR 75,000/- and PKR 50,000/- respectively.
The 13th FYP is the first chance for the Xi-Li administration, which assumed leadership at the 18th Party Congress in November 2012, to "solidify a new course" (Kennedy & Johnson, 2016, p.
What they found is that while the FYP offered first-year students successful guidance, the desired effects tended to wane for students in their second year.
Civil FYP 2016 was made a part of their final project in addition to the current way of its conductance.
In the current 12th FYP (2012-2017), climate change is no longer a central topic: it is treated as one of the issues to be tackled in order to achieve sustainable development, mainly through eco-efficiency and low carbon strategy for inclusive growth (India 2013, 113-117).
13) In addition, the Solar 12th FYP called for substantial government subsidies to support a strategic emerging industry such as solar, set out the goal of further internationalizing the solar industry as part of China's going abroad strategy, emphasized the need to promote and support national champions, and provided the Chinese government with considerable authority over various aspects of solar industry development.
The funding covers the cost for purchase of equipment and miscellaneous costs related to development of prototypes in addition to some stipend for students and honorarium for FYP supervisors.
2006-2010) and the 12th FYP (2011-2015), have placed strong emphasis on
The move is a political victory for the BJP whose manifesto for the Delhi elections clearly spelt out its opposition to the FYP, and now for Human Resources Development Minister Smriti Irani who has been open to the idea of scrapping the scheme.
Mantaring said Sun Life has already met the desired number of advisors with over 5,000 by yearend 2013, and combined annualized FYP of over P5 billion.