FYRSTFollow-On Youth Recovery Support Team (Australia)
FYRSTFirst Year Residents Succeeding Together (freshmen medical school)
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FYRST (First Year Retention and Student Transition) mainly targeted students who needed guidance in managing their time and money.
Thus there are title pages that carry no more than the titles, such as The Newe Testamente, The Fyrst Boke of Moses Called Genesis, A Compendious Introduccion...vnto the Pistle off Paul to the Romayns, and The Exposition of the Fyrste Epistle ofSeynt Ihon with a Prologge before it.
Jones has taken Whetstones foul papers ("fyrst coppy") and shaped them into the text now printed.
And then, with these lines, we see how quickly Beowulf and his men move toward their destination: Fyrst ford gewat; flota was on ydum bat under beorge.
Gawain echoes Arthur's assessment of the challenge: "And sy[thorn]en [thorn]is note is so nys [thorn]at no3t hit yow falles, / And I haue frayned hit at yow fyrst, foldez hit to me" ("And since this affair is so foolish that it cannot fall to you, / And since I have requested it from you first, it should go to me"; 357-58).
Parallel quotation from The Pardoner and the Frere and from the 'Pardoner's Prologue' will give an idea of the extent of the dramatist's debt: But fyrst ye shall knowe well that I com fro Rome-- Lo, here my bulles, all and some!
He argues that "So wele is he worthy of perpetuall fame that bringeth a good worke to lyghte, as is he that fyrst ded make it, & ought alwaies to be reckened the second father therof.
In lyke wyse is it of the detractour to byte & to rente / whan thou wylte backbyte another fyrst beholde thyne owne synnes & yf thou consyder thyselfe wel & yf thou know it wel.
Building Community Out of Diversity: The FIU FYRST Program.
In doing so, she recounts her response to a group of tenants who arrived at the Pastons' estate at Hellesdon, requesting the return of seventy-seven head of cattle she had instructed estate servants to distrain for the rental fees the tenants had owing in arrears: Fyrst on the same Satour-day the tenauntys folwyd vppon, and desyryd to haue there catell a-yen, and I awnnsweryd hem yf thay wold do pay such dewtys as they oght for to pay to you, that then they shold haue there catell delyueryd a-yen; or els, yf they were not a powere to pay redy money, that then they to fynd suffycyant suerty to pay the money at such a day as they myght agrye wyth me, and there-to to be bonden to you by obligacyon.
The Fyrst Boke of the Introduction of Knowledge, A Compendyous Regyment or A Dyetary of Helthe, Barnes in Defense of the Berde, ed.
In the end the question of Gawain's identity in light of the rules of chivalry as symbolized by the pentangle becomes the game's only focus, especially when the Green Knight admits that Gawain's life was never truly in jeopardy, whether he accepted the green girdle or not: "Fyrst I mansed the muryly with a mynt one, And roue the wyth no rof-sore, with ryght I the profered For the forwarde that we fest in the fyrst nyght, And thou trystyly the trawthe and trwly me haldez, Al the gayne thow me gef, as god mon schulde.