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Throughout, the lowly shoemaker dominates the argument with his compendious knowledge of the vernacular Bible (at one point driving the parson to an exasperated aside: "Howe do these horeson Lutheryans rejoice and laughe in theyr fyst, when they can fynde some sayings out of the Scripture, they trouble and vexe one therwith, withoute ceasyng" (85-86)), ignoring the parson's recommendations that he attend to his work and family rather than spend time "meddl[ing] with the Scripture." At times, the clerical/lay hierarchy the parson invokes mutates into social class; he asks at one point why so few great lords follow Luther, but rather "onely a heape of rude and unlearned people" (101).
A pantomimic depiction of the action of hitting ("wege pine fyst swilce pu swingan wille") indicates the implements used to inflict physical punishment at the chapter house: the rod (47) and the scourge (48).
Imitating the action of shredding vegetables by moving the hand downwards by the side stands for boiled vegetables (57): "do mid pinre oore handa nyper weard be paere sidan swylce pu wyrtan scearffian wille"; mimicking the act of stirring indicates pottage (60): "wecge pine fyst swilce pu briwhrere"; the action of pressing by putting the two hands together flat--"sete ...