FYTSFlorida Youth Tobacco Survey
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* FYTS is administered annually at the beginning of each calendar year.
Questions about electronic cigarettes on FYTS were preceded by an introductory paragraph.
([section]) Hookah was defined by FYTS as a single-stemmed water pipe used for smoking tobacco.
2) What are the FYTs' specific emotions in response to these incidents?; and
Situations that elicited emotions from FYTs included interactions with students, colleagues, administrators, and parents (Table 1).
89% of FYTs, regardless of school setting, described interactions with students as eliciting emotional responses.
Not only did FYTs face challenges associated with day-to-day learning and management of their classrooms, but teachers at high poverty schools also confronted difficulties related to high-stakes standardized testing.
FYTs overall experienced mixed emotions because they were happy for the students who performed well on the high-stakes tests but worried and sad for their students who did not pass.
When the administration was supportive, FYTs felt grateful.
FYTs experienced unpleasant emotions when they viewed administrators as using their power in unsupportive, counterproductive, or punitive ways.
One might expect that fewer FYTs would be willing to take such a risk in their first year.
The FYTS is a key instrument to assess the program's effectiveness; however, more direct assessments are needed to determine how much of the decline in tobacco use can be attributed to the various pilot program activities and how much may be a result of cigarette price increases that occurred during the study period.