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Hastaya damar ici (DI) sivi verildi, diazepam yapildi ve sefotaksim baslandi, Izleminde mide-bagirsak kanamasi ve trombositopeni (49 000-31 000/ [mm.sup.3]) gelisti, PTZ: 23 sn, PTT: 48.7 sn, INR: 2.08 sn, Fibrin yikim urunleri (FYU): 145 (0.1-6) mcg/ mL, d-dimer: 17.6 mcg/mL (0-0.5)'de artis saptandi ve taze donmus plazma, trombosit suspansiyonu verildi.
Laboratuar bulgulan; trombositopeni, PTZ ve PTT'de uzama, FYU ve ddimer'de artmayi kapsar.
In terms of improving marketing, mainly by educating the populace, Mizukami has come up with a "Funeral Plaza" concept ("Fyu Plaza" as he calls it), which will be a one-stop funeral management shop for people who are not affiliated with any temple and no longer know what is involved in conducting a funeral.