FYWPFirst Year Writing Program (various universities)
FYWPFiscal-Year Work Plan
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While the content of the exam may be meaningful in the context of the FYWP, the testing conditions are not appropriate to this context.
They had been taking the FYWP's annual silence on the issue to signify our contentment with the status quo.
Comparative Failure and Attrition Rates in FYC Courses by EPT Placement Score Composition Sequence Percentage Mean Rate of Mean Rate of Placement of Fall 2005 of Class Attrition Fall Failure Fall 02 Freshman Class by EPT "Placed" 02 to Spring 04 to Spring 04 Score Exempt from FYWP 23.8% -- -- English 102 "College Writing and 22.7% 8.5% 8.75% Research" 3 Graduation Credits English 101 "Introduction to 34.1% 8.75% 14.25% College Writing" 3 Graduation Credits English 095 "Fundamentals of 16.9% 11.9% 20% Composition" 0 Graduation Credits English 090 "Basic Writing" 2.4% 22.45% 39.45% 0 Graduation Credits Table 2.