FZAFocus Minerals Ltd. (Germany)
FZAFree Zone Authority
FZAFree Zone America
FZAFernmeldetechnisches Zentralamt (Austria's Telecommunications Authority)
FZAFischer Zykon Anchor (fixing technology)
FZAFresnel Zone Antenna
FZAFrank Zambaras & Associates (management consultancy)
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From an employer's perspective the FZA will replace the MOL as the regulatory and oversight body.
The project will be developed by BIOGH (Basra International Oil and Gas Hub Limited) in joint venture with the Iraqi Free Zone Authority (FZA), an independent authority under the Ministry of Finance.
In the linear sweep voltammetry a 350 W Xe lamp was used as light source whose intensity was determined by a radiometer (FZA, Beijing Normal University, China).
Reem Al Faisal, from Ras Al Khaimah FZA, said, "We have to teach our children how to treat the environment and how to keep it clean.
According to the memorandum of understanding, the Fund will offer free FZA discounts to FNC employees.
Tribune News Network Doha The board of directors of the Free Zones Authority (FZA), led by Chairman Ahmad bin Mohammed al Sayed, has announced the licensing and registration regulations for companies operating in the Qatar Free Zones, at board meeting on June 4.
Fernando Zobel de Ayala, fondly called The FZA, sent his niece Mariana Zobel to the event because he hosted some guests at the Art Fair, which had its vernissage that night.
By law, Aruba has three free trade zones (FTZs), all under the management of Free Zone Aruba (FZA) NV (a government-owned limited liability company).
Aruba currently has three designated free zones: Oranjestad Free Zone, Bushiri Free Zone and the Barcadera Free Zone, which are managed and operated by Free Zone Aruba (FZA) NV, a government limited liability company.