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Caption: Figure 8: Relationship between fractal dimensions of the entire pores [D.sub.f2] and RQI (a) and FZI (b).
The FZI can be rearranged in terms of the measurable RQI as given below:
Rocks with a narrow range of FZI values belong to a single hydraulic unit, i.e., they have similar flow properties (Prasad, 2003).
The relationship between RQI and [[phi].sub.z] is used to show that samples with similar FZI values lie close together on a semilog plot of porosity versus permeability (Amaefule et al., 1993).
In this section, the statistical relationships between the input data (seismic attributes) and output data (log FZI) are investigated through the application of a multi-regression analysis.
The sum squared error (SSE) in the log FZI calculation from the known porosity and permeability data is used as a criterion for the identification of the optimum number of flow units.
Meanwhile the applications of HoLLiE - the service robot of FZI - are manifold from providing persons, who are in need of care, with food and medicine, joining interactive sports games, offering entertainment, to guiding visitors.
The agile, two-armed service robot can be used flexibly in apartments and links robotics, ambient assisted living, and mobility services at FZI.
The speaker and coordinator of the Research Center for Immunotherapy (FZI), Professor Tobias Bopp, also considers the new approach to be promising, especially as active substances that can inhibit kinases are already being used to treat patients.
a) Poskytovn poradenskch slueb v prpravn fzi, predevm jde o zpracovn zadvacch podmnek SEM;
b) Poskytovn poradenskch slueb ve fzi zadvacho rzen na vber dodavatele SEM, prpadne rovne zadvac rzen na vber dodavatele komplexnch slueb spojench s dalm provozovnm Elektronickho systmu vkonovho zpoplatnen (dle jen ESVZ );
c) Poskytovn poradenskch slueb ve fzi realizacn, kdy vybran dodavatel SEM navrhne a realizuje SEM a jeho soucsti;