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The JOSIE-SHADOZ 2017 campaign took place at the WCCOS at the FZJ in the IEK-8 in Julich, Germany.
The WCCOS, the only one of its kind, was established in the mid-1990s at FZJ to test, calibrate, and compare different types of balloon-borne ozonesondes that are used to measure the distribution of ozone in the troposphere and lower/middle stratosphere.
JOYCE is operated jointly by the Institute for Geophysics and Meteorology at the University of Cologne and the Institute of Energy and Climate Research (IEK-8) at FZJ. The measurements at JOYCE have commenced from 2009 onward (Table 1) and it is planned to keep them running long term into the future (i.e., to set the stage for climate monitoring by ground-based remote sensors).
To investigate subcloud aerosol and cloud microphysical property interaction in the well-mixed boundary layer, a CCN observation system is currently being installed at the 120-m meteorological tower of FZJ. Aerosol will be sampled by pumping dry air from the ground to three heights (124, 50, and 3 m).