FZKForschungszentrum Karlsruhe
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According to DynaMotive, FZK has developed a new biomass-to-liquid (BTL) process that is able to produce a "tar-free syngas" from a mixture of BioOil and pyrolysis char.
International MST Roadmap Committee Chapter Leader Affiliation Simulation,modeling, John Gilbert Microcosm and design Reliability, testing, Paul Mukai ETEC and metrology Frank Hartley NASA Packaging Vladimir Vaganov EG&G Assembly Henne van Heeren OnStream Cost models Steve Walsh UNM/SEMI Glossary Sid Marshall MMD IC compatible Jim Smith Allied Signal manufacturing methods Matthias Illing Robert Bosch Non-IC compatible Glen Dahlbacka LBL manufacturing methods Peter Bley FZK Potentially IC compatible Karen Markus Cronos manufacturing methods Standards Ingo Hussla IZET Reiner Felten IZET Commercialization Roger Grace RGA Inderpreet Thukral IBM Integration: Mark McNie DERA monlithic vs.
Tenders are invited for E tender for providing unskilled work force for maintenance of external plant of ferozepur ssa section 2 fzk abh mlt division
5, above the closed channel, 3150 m2 - north pathways (widening of artefacts, combined foot and bike path, dirt road repair), 236 m - road parallel to the southern shutter, 730 m2 - 378 sqm detour road opposite the gate - area uplift (road 3 due to relocation), 14,500 m3 - renovation of the stairway and the stairs before vip 610 m2 - traffic technology - outside agricultural road 3000 m2 - construction of an expropriated area (media area viacolor cover, fzk pavement, fence, new reinforced dirt road) 12000 m2 of which 2,000 m2 small stone length of roads: - route 3: 195 m - route 4: 392 m - north pathway: 236 m - southern lock road: 183 m - pathway facing the gate: 175 m - outside agricultural road 600 m total: 1781 m.