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FZSFrankfurt Zoological Society
FZSFotografska Zveza Slovenije (Slovenian: Photographic Association of Slovenia)
FZSFort Zumwalt South (Missouri high school)
FZSFellow of the Zoological Society
FZSfreier zusammenschluss von studentInnenschaften eV (German: The National Unions of Students in Germany; Berlin, Germany)
FZSFar Zone Scattering
FZSFilatelisticna Zveza Slovenije (Slovenian: Philatelic Association of Slovenia)
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The field research consisted of treatments viz T1, Control (K0Zn0); T2, K0 + RRZn (recommended rate of zinc at soil @ 15 kg Zn2SO4 ha-1); T3, K0 + FZS (foliar zinc spray @ 0.
FKS + FZnS followed by FKS + RRZn having number of grains per ear and statistically at par with RRK+ FZS were found (Table 2).
80) was recorded in the treatment fertilized with FKS + FZS followed by FKS + RRZn (3.
FZS is shown to be acceptable in this specific experiment but may become inapplicable in other cases, which will be discussed in the following section.
For this FZS, we first studied the case of one zone assigned for each floor, which results in a total of 16 zones for the modeled shaft.
For such a case, the temperature gradient cannot be well resolved by the FZS with one zone assigned to each floor.
by using the FZS and dividing the shaft into an enough number of subzones.
Figure 5 a shows that the FZS tends to create many unnecessary zones at the top section of the shaft with low temperature gradient (h > 20 m [65.
Both cases create fewer zones than the FZS with 136 zones.
Same sex cross- cousins are distinguished from siblings and parallel cousins and equated with affines in Dravidian manner: inoli [male] MBS = [male] FZS = WB = [male] ZH, inomas [female] MBD = [female] FZD = HZ = [female] BW.
He thought it would be 'unwarrantedly facile' to maintain that the referents of povoi [male] MBS, [male] FZS, WB, [male] ZH, were mere homonyms and similarly for the referents of papa MB, FZH, HF and apu FZ, MBW, EM.
5% 39 000 Flavored milk drinks 200ml pc 1600 240 pieces 2 dl cups of cocoa Kefir 16 400 pcs 175gr 12% cream 5/1 L 7450 Sour cream 12% 175g x 500 Block Cheese 5/1 kg FZS 1100 Jogobella standard 150g pcs 13 040 Kefir L 5 Natural yoghurt 150g pc 3400 135 kg of yogurt 30 kg of butter tea 10dkg Yogurt (gym) 125g pc 1720 Natural 40 kg ewe cheese Coffee Cream pc 1900 Milk Slice (30g) pieces 1200 Rudi (30g) 14 600 pc Chocolate pudding Sahne 175g - flavored pieces 8480 Hungarian spreads (1kg) VOD.