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FZSFrankfurt Zoological Society
FZSFotografska Zveza Slovenije (Slovenian: Photographic Association of Slovenia)
FZSFort Zumwalt South (Missouri high school)
FZSFellow of the Zoological Society
FZSfreier zusammenschluss von studentInnenschaften eV (German: The National Unions of Students in Germany; Berlin, Germany)
FZSFar Zone Scattering
FZSFilatelisticna Zveza Slovenije (Slovenian: Philatelic Association of Slovenia)
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The field research consisted of treatments viz T1, Control (K0Zn0); T2, K0 + RRZn (recommended rate of zinc at soil @ 15 kg Zn2SO4 ha-1); T3, K0 + FZS (foliar zinc spray @ 0.1%); T4, RRK (recommended rate of potassium to soil @ 75 kg K2O ha-1) + Zn0; T5, RRK + RRZn; T6, RRK+ FZS; T7, FKS (1% foliar K spray) + Zn0; T8, FKS + RRZn; T9, FKS + FZS.
Given the above information, a CONTAM97R model of the reduced scale building model was created with one zone assigned to each floor following the mostly common approach of FZS; a total of 12 zones were created for the shaft.
This is in tandem with descriptions that the pterion lies 30 to 35 mm away from the FZS (Williams et al.).
You will see Yamaha's FZS 1000 Frazer, a large capacity, low-cost superbike, pitched against Kawasaki's ZRX 1200, also launched at the show.
In terms of styling FZS FI looks compact as well as macho.
Summary: Employees of companies in free zones (FZs) should only work in those areas where their work permits are valid and not in the main commercial centres in the country
INRENA (Instituto Nacional de Recursos Naturales), FZS (Frankfurt Zoological Society), & CDC-UNALM (Centro de Datos para la Conservacion - Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina).
of isolation Anti-biogram NPO600 Nagpur (Central) ACFzNaS NPO701 Nagpur (Central) ACNaS NPO702 Nagpur (Central) AFzNaS NPO706 Nagpur (Central) ACFzNaS NPO708 Nagpur (Central) AFzNaS NPO709 Nagpur (Central) AFzNaS MUO7 Murshidabad (Eastern) CFzS LHO359 Ludhiana (Northern) AFzNaS LHO469 Ludhiana (Northern) AFzNS LHO477 Ludhiana (Northern) FzNaS ALO53 Alleppey (Southern) FzS ALO58 Alleppey (Southern) ACFz ALO59 Alleppey (Southern) AFzNaS ALO62 Alleppey (Southern) FzS ALO64 Alleppey (Southern) ACFzS Fragment size (kb) using Strain no.
nori [male] FZS, [male] MBS, WB, [male] ZH; masi [female] FZD, [female] MBD, HZ, [female] BW, but some changes are evident (Figure 2).