FZUFyzikální Ústav (Czech: Institute of Physics)
FZUFuzhou University (China)
FZUFuzing Unit (munitions)
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They then escaped in the two vehicles - the Mercedes registration was KN53 MWV and the Rapia was BK52 FZU.
To achieve this aim, the 3 year project will build upon the existing strong research and innovation base of FZU and its Twinning partners.
Objective 1: Strengthen FZUs research excellence in advanced scintillating materials Objective 2: Enhance the research and innovation capacity of FZU and the Twinning partners Objective 3: Raise the research profile of FZU and the Twinning Partners Objective 4: Contribute to the SMART Specialisation Strategy of the Czech Republic Objective 5: Support research and innovation on a European level