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FAAAFirst Allied Airborne Army (est. 1944)
FAAAFellow of the American Academy of Audiology
FAAAFlight Attendants Association of Australia
FAAAFamily Assistance Administration Act (Australia)
FAAAFellow of the American Association of Anatomists (organizational rank)
FAAAFederal Aviation Administration Authorization
FAAAFleet Air Arm Association
FAAAFlorida Aviation Aerospace Alliance
FAAAFine Arts Association of Arizona
FAAAFlorissant Area Athletic Association
FAAAFindlay Area Apartment Association
FAAAFukushima Advertising Agency Association (Japan)
FAAAFlorida Anesthesia Administrators Association
FAAAFinal Acquisition Approval Authority (US government)
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Not only does the ICCTA specifically address a state's regulatory authority over motor vehicle safety and similar matters such as financial responsibility and insurance requirements, (22) but its predecessor, the FAAA Act, excepts state regulations that regulate safety, impose highway route controls, limit the size and weight of a motor vehicle or the hazardous nature of its cargo, and require mandatory levels of insurance.
Some of the tools that FaAA use sinclude materials analysis, computer modeling, simulations, finite element modeling, and statistical identification of influential factors.
According to the city, the exact causes of the outfall rupture are still under investigation by FaAA.
FAAA said the deal calls for a 3% pay raise per year, no increase in hours for existing crew, a A$3,000 sign-on bonus, an increase to 75% from 30% in the amount of regional flying to be operated by long-haul cabin crew and a promise that all new widebody QF aircraft will be staffed by long-haul crew, and "massive promotions" among other terms.
The FAAA has threatened to call a strike over Qantas' plan to establish a base in London, UK for 400 flight attendants which the airline believes will save it AUD18m a year.
FAAA and founder of Sound Relief Hearing Center, describes tinnitus as a ringing, roaring, clicking or hissing sound in the ears.
The FAAA claims that the airline uses the arrangement in order to avoid its obligations to employees and has taken the issue to the Australian Industrial Relations Commission.
FAAA, to the newly created position of executive director, audiology and professional relations.
FAAA, provides hearing care services including tinnitus testing and treatment, hearing aid screening, evaluations, hearing aid sales and rehabilitative and preventative counseling.
Audiologist, FAAA is an audiologist in private practice in New York.
For more than a quarter of a century, FaAA has investigated some of the most well-known accidents of our time.
After numerous tests, FaAA concluded that the maneuver by Consumers Union "is stunt-like and involves extreme steering," Ball said, and pointed to a video clip in which the FaAA driver successfully completed FaAA's replication of the maneuver at more than 43 miles per hour, while Consumers Union claimed the vehicle tipped at 38 miles per hour.