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FABAFlorida Association for Behavior Analysis
FABAFederation of Asian Biotech Associations
FABAFunctional Airspace Block Approach (EU)
FABAFrankfort Avenue Business Association (Louisville, KY)
FABAFor Artists, By Artists (artists' group; Memphis, TN)
FABAFunctional Analysis By Association (Chang Bioscience, Inc.)
FABAFinancial and Business Assistance (Iowa Department of Natural Resources)
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Typically we want to ensure that customers can run these screens for six to eight months at least before they have to schedule maintenance downtime," Faba said.
There are two versions of NBudget, one for winter cropping (bread wheat, durum, barley, canola, chickpea and faba bean) and one for summer cropping (sorghum, sunflower, soybean and mung bean, with 16 localities (12 in NSW and four in Queensland) from Roma and St George in Queensland to Dubbo in the central-west of NSW.
Drought limits the growth and productivity of most crop species including faba bean.
Without faba beans - one of the most effective nitrogen fixers - to perform this function on their farms, Yeshewalul and his neighbours were forced to leave their land fallow in order to maintain soil fertility for barley production.
Interest and place of three Vicia faba aphid species in Draa Ben Khedda (Great Kabylia, Algeria).
The faba bean, Vicia faba, is among the oldest domesticated crops and is grown worldwide for food, feed, and forage.
Queremos compartir los resultados de un estudio en el que se utilizo la haba (Vicia faba L.
2] were measured and recorded for the three Vicia faba genotypes irradiated with enhanced levels of [UV.
A total of 57 boxes containing forages, faba beans, lathyrus and the wild relatives of cereals and pulses were sent to Lebanon and 71 boxes containing accessions of cultivated wheat, barley, lentil and chickpea were sent to Morocco.
El pasado colonial emerge en los articulos de Paulina Faba, Fernando A.
Therefore, the scope of this trial was twofold: to assess the effect of substitution of SBM with dehulled-micronized faba bean in diets of guinea fowl broilers on their growth parameters; and to evaluate the influence of feeding dehulled-micronized faba bean on profiles of health-promoting substances in guinea fowl meat.