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I think the best way to conquer your fear is to face your fear, like for example I climb on to the summit of a mountain and look down, or see the view of a city from the top floor of a building.
People can receive a Face your Fear fundraising pack to do their own thingfrom www.
Filled with intensely realistic, sensitive illustrations, "Garmann's Street" is a book that takes its readers to some of the darker, scary places in childhood settings, then shows some positive results that can occur when you face your fear and keep working with it or in spite of it.
Today we touch the subject on how to face your fears.
The Face Your Fears event is taking place at the Blue Planet Aquarium from Saturday February 14 to Sunday, February 22.
The idea is to create a safe environment in which to face your fears and get beyond them.
During the Face Your Fears Week, the charity, which provides support to people living with anxieties or phobias, will be holding a series of daring events across the UK.
Changing Faces is challenging everyone to get involved during Face your Fears fundraising week from October 16 to 23.
The sooner you face your fears, the less time you'll waste.
It only seemed like yesterday When you brought home a stray kitten and called it Jay Far cry from the kittens you bring home today Like the blonde bombshell from Huyton way And you made me a card "You're my sweet Valentine" Oh if only we could go back in time Be strong my son and face your fears And you'll be ready for the joys, the laughs and the tears.