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FAMTFamily Actual Means Test (Australia)
FAMTFatty Acid Methyltransferase (bacteria)
FAMTFace Amount (debt instrument)
FAMTFédération des Associations de Musique Traditionnelle (French: Federation of Associations of Traditional Music)
FAMTFinolex Academy of Management and Technology (Mumbai University)
FAMTFully Automated Machine Translation (computing)
FAMTFlorida Association for Music Therapy (est. 1979)
FAMTFrazer Amiss Memorial Trust (FAMT Underwater Search and Recovery Unit; UK)
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* In the case of other cards (so-called "untariffed cards"), if they are sold directly to a person who does not purchase the card for resale, the face amount generally is the sales price.
This collateral includes eight securities with a face amount of USD 101m.
Although whole life was the leader in terms of revenue from new sales, UL products enjoyed the fastest growth in number of policies sold and total face amount.
Around USD913,723,000 in aggregate face amount of Old Class A Certificates have reportedly been confirmed as tendered, as of close of business on 9 April 2008, in exchange for like face amounts of the New Class A Certificates.
This is considerably more companies than the number contributing in preceding years, increasing the face amount exposure to over $7.4 trillion.
However, unlike Alderman, it asserted the transferee should have basis in the transferor's debt obligation equal to the face amount of such debt obligation, "because [transferee] would have to recognize income upon ...
When the insured dies, the difference between the current cash surrender value and the policy's face amount is recognized as a gain.
In general, a debt instrument that bears no interest, or bears interest at a rate lower than the current market rate, will usually be issued at less than its face amount. This discount is known as original issue discount (OID) and is taxable as a form of additional interest.
The mortgage sold for just under 90 percent of its face amount. The asset was priced to the bank at 190 basis points over the interpolated 20-year treasury note.
factor agrees to pay the invoice on collection or to pay the face amount 90 days past the due date.
Among the outstanding T-bonds, three-year IOUs had a face amount of P94.9 billion; five-year debt paper, P261.5 billion; seven-year treasury bonds, P566.8 billion; and 10-year bonds, P400 billion.