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FTNFulton (Amtrak station code; Fulton, KY)
FTNFace the Nation (CBS News)
FTNFree the Nipple
FTNFedEx Trade Networks (shipping)
FTNFirme Transnationale (French: Transnational Firm)
FTNFrequent Transit Network (Canada)
FTNFaculty of Technical Sciences (Novi Sad, Serbia)
FTNFormer Trainees Network (Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari; Italy)
FTNForeign-Trained Nurse
FTNFrance Télé Numérique (French: France Digital TV)
FTNFranja Transversal del Norte (Guatemala region)
FTNFixed Telecoms Network (UK)
FTNFido Technology Networks
FTNFeedThe.Net (website)
FTNFamily Television Network
FTNFakultet Tehnickih Nauka (Serbian: Faculty of Technical Sciences; Yugoslavia)
FTNFEC to NHLFE Map (Multiprotocol Label Switching)
FTNFujitsu Telecom Networks (est. 1935; Japan)
FTNFinger-To-Nose (physical exam neurological test)
FTNFun Time Navy
FTNFiber Transmission Network
FTNForce Tracking Number
FTNFresenius Travel Nurses (Fresenius Medical Care; various locations)
FTNFree the Nukes
FTNFreak Ted Nugent (polite form of song by Goldfinger)
FTNFuture Tactical Network
FTNForget the Navy (polite form)
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Speaking on CBS' Face the Nation program, Sunday (October 15) Zarif said "once Iran does not receive those (economic) dividends, then it would be a totally different situation.
Broadcasting iconBob Schieffer, the long-time moderator of the CBS news program Face the Nation and a former anchor of the CBS Evening News, will be awarded the first Poynter Medal for Lifetime Achievement in Journalism that serves democracy.
The president has violated the rule of law and really contradicted the constitution by actually making up the law," Abbott told Bob Schieffer, host of CBS News' Face the Nation.
Pondering that assumption, I'm reminded of old footage of the CBS program Face the Nation.
Young people [would] commit themselves to a couple of years in service to this great republic, whether it's our seaports, our airports, in schools, in hospitals," he said on Face the Nation.
That happened in August on Face the Nation, when Sen.
Our bishops must now do what Paul VI did in 1968: face the nation and declare the truth.
IN MARCH 2000, Face the Nation panelist Gloria Borger asked George W.
In Doherty's telling, "egghead Sunday" talk shows ranging from the still-running Meet the Press and Face the Nation to the long-gone At Issue and The Big Issue created new, highly visible spaces that promoted dialogue and dissent.