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FANGFacebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google (tech companies)
FANGFacebook, Apple, Netflix, Google (various companies)
FANGFlint Area Narcotics Group (Flint, Michigan)
FANGFlorida Air National Guard
FANGFood, Agriculture and Nutrition Group (Cornell University; Ithaca, NY)
FANGFeminists Against Neanderthal Guys
FANGFlorida Army National Guard
FANGFMS (Flight Management System) ATM (Air Traffic Management) Next Generation (US FAA)
FANGFeminizing Adrenal Neoplastic Gland
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The outcome of this is manifested in form of 'affordable' or free Internet services that unfortunately condemn the majority of Kenyans into being consumers rather than productive contributors to the internet ecosystem.Put differently, Kenyans and in general the developing world simply provide consumer 'eye-balls' that are marketed to the highest bidder as advertisement revenue by the FANGs (Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Google) in the North.
You simply cannot have a hard Brexit with a soft border as in Northern Ireland, and if "fangs"-type business such as Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Google and Samsung demand access to a single market then Theresa May will have little choice but to give into them.