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FHRFetal Heart Rate
FHRFirst Hour Rating (hot water heater performance)
FHRFirefox Health Report (Mozilla)
FHRFoundation for Human Rights
FHRFührer (German: Leader)
FHRFaster Hit Recovery (Diablo II gaming)
FHRFachhochschule Regensburg (Regensburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany)
FHRFellowship Health Resources (various locations; behavioral health organization)
FHRFoundation Hospital Rajana (Pakistan)
FHRFair Hearing Request (various locations)
FHRFederal Halocarbon Regulations (Canada)
FHRFixed Hierarchical Routing
FHRFire Hose Rack
FHRFlight Hotel Reservations (UK)
FHRFailed Host Recovery
FHRFriendship Honor Respect (gaming clan)
FHRFlorida House of Representatives
FHRFlint Hills Resources, PL (Kansas)
FHRFreedom House Ranking (watchdog organization ranking)
FHRFarmhouse Rattery (breeding)
FHRFatHead Racing (Dallas, TX)
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