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FADOMFaculdades Integradas do Oeste de Minas (Portuguese: Integrated College of the West Mine; Brazil)
FADOMFrançais à Domicile (French: French at Home)
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Full fadom flue thy Father lies, Of his bones are Corrall made: Those are pearles that were his eies, Nothing of him that doth fade, But doth suffer a Sea-change Into something rich, & strange [.] (TLN 539-44) These lyrics offer an image of global metamorphosis through the sea's transformation of Alonso's Italian "bones" into tropical coral.
For example, in The Tempest, Ariel's "Come Unto These Yellow Sands" lures Ferdinand ashore and "Full Fadom Five" helps the prince to both mourn his father's assumed death and to prepare to fall in love with Miranda.
Have owre, have owre to Aberdour, It's fiftie fadom deip: And thair lies guid Sir Patrick Spence, Wi' the Scots lords at his feit.