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FIOFor Information Only
FIOFundusz Inicjatyw Obywatelskich (Polish: Civic Initiatives Fund)
FIOFournitures Industrielles de l'Ouest (French: Western Industrial Supplies)
FIOFusion-Io (stock symbol)
FIOFundusz Inwestycyjny Otwarty (Polish: Open-End Investment Fund)
FIOFuture Input Output
FIOFile Input Output
FIOFrame Input Output
FIOFraction of Inspired Oxygen
FIOFaecal Indicator Organism (sewage)
FIOFlorida Institute of Oceanography
FIOFree In and Out
FIOFederal Insurance Office (US Treasury Department)
FIOFrais Institutionnels Obligatoires (French: Required Institutional Fees; Canada)
FIOFigure It Out
FIOField Intelligence Officer (various locations)
FIOFirst Institute of Oceanography (China)
FIOFire Investigation Officer (UK)
FIOFuture Insurability Option (insurance rider)
FIOFuture Is Ours
FIOFaculty Information Officer (various universities)
FIOFactory Installable Option
FIOFinancing and Insurance Operations
FIOFiber and Integrated Optics (journal)
FIOFactory Integration Only
FIOFrontier in Optics (Optical Society of America conference)
FIOField Information Officer
FIOFitness Institute Online
FIOFrequency In & Out
FIOForeign Intelligence Office/Officer
FIOForce XXI Integration Office/Officer
FIOFlight Inspection Office (Federal Aviation Administration)
FIOFederated Input/Output (electronics)
FIOFleet Intelligence Office (US Navy)
FIOForecast Informed Operations (California Department of Water Resources)
FIOFieldnetwork Input/Output
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Faecal indicator organism concentrations and catchment export coefficient in the UK.
The 'cloud to coast' concept, which is a Research Council funded project, seeks to develop a new integrated model to predict the exposure to and the health impact assessment of pathogen risks, as indexed by faecal indicator organisms (FIOs), in near-shore coastal waters.
Monaghan RM, de Klein CAM, Muirhead RW (2008) Prioritisation of farm scale remediation efforts for reducing losses of nutrients and faecal indicator organisms to waterways: a case study of New Zealand dairy farming, Journal of Environmental Management 87, 609-622.
Escherichia coli and Clostridium perfringens represent faecal indicator organisms, and can be enumerated to assess the survival of bacteria specific to faeces, and to compare with existing data from previous studies on biosolids.