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FaerFaeroese (linguistics)
FAERFoundation for Advancement of Education and Research (India)
FAERFabbrica Argani per Elevatori Roma (Italian: Factory Gears for Elevators Rome)
FAERFlorida Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired
FAERFoundation for Anesthesia Education and Research
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The aircraft's sale also suits the Faeroese air carrier well as the level of activity decreased in 2009 and 2010, Arge added, citing that the deals will reduce costs and increase utilisation of the three BAE Avro RJ aircraft in the fleet.
In the first place, it means that the Norn 'hangovers' into modern Orcadian treated in The Orkney Norn are regularly perceived as having been 'corrupted' by the sound system of the Scots surrounding them, in particular in comparison with the Old Norse or Faeroese forms cited alongside.
He coined the term "Norseberry Jam" and created an elflike mascot based on Faeroese folklore.
The remainder was allocated to the Faeroese Savings Bank.
It has been suggested, for example, that the failure of the Faeroese cod fishery during the 17th and 18th centuries was due to a reduction in sea-surface temperatures (Lamb, 1979).
But the 44,262 Faeroese are passionate about their football and Wedge is to hot dip the seats for the Toftir stadium in Itrotterfelag, where the mostly amateur Faeroese won a famous draw against Scotland in the Euro 2000 competition last summer.
From 1660 to the late eighteenth century the Danish absolute monarch ruled over a multi-lingual State, where Norwegian, Faeroese, Icelandic, high and low German, Frisian as well as Danish were spoken (Feldbaek, 1992, 81), and on his birthday, the King was known to receive "congratulatory poems not only in Latin and French, but also in Danish, German, Icelandic and Lappish.
In another story the narrator is an Icelander who ships on board a Faeroese fishing boat and finds that the principal fare is whale blubber alternating with the foul-smelling flesh of the fulmar.
The Gulfstream jet burst into flames after crashing into a mountain near the islands' Vagar airport, on the southern Faeroese island of Vaagoe.
We put in to Torshavn (Thor's Harbor) on Olafsoka, the high point of the Faeroese social calendar, when the country's entire ambulatory population squeezes into the capital city, dons Mexican hats, and parades up and down the main street in varying stages of inebriation.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 22, 2011--Moody's reduces Faeroese BankNordik's deposit ratings to Baa3/Prime-3(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.