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FTIIFilm and Television Institute of India
FTIIFagan Test of Infant Intelligence (cognitive delay screening test)
FTIIFederasi Teknologi Informasi Indonesia (Indonesian: Indonesia Information Technology Federation)
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In a cohort of infants exposed in utero to maternal consumption of PCB-contaminated fish, cord blood PCB concentrations were associated with poorer visual recognition memory on the Fagan Test of Infant Intelligence (FTII) at 7 months postpartum (Jacobson et al.
Prenatal exposure to PCBs and infant performance on the Fagan Test of Infant Intelligence.
Fagan Test of Infant Intelligence (FTII): A standardized paired comparison test of visual novelty preference, with 10 simultaneous presentations of one familiar and one novel stimulus.
Early cognitive development was assessed using the Bayley MDI in the Dutch study, whereas a very different test, the Fagan Test of Infant Intelligence, was used in the Michigan study.