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FOField Office
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FOForeign Office
FOFace-Off (hockey)
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FOForce Ouvrière (Workers Force)
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FOForli (postcode, Italy)
FOFreak Out
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FOFirst Officer
FOFormosa (Argentina province, airline code)
FOFactory Outlet (UK shopping channel)
FOFly Out (Baseball)
FOField Operations
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FOFluid Ounce (unit of measurement)
FOFantasy Online (video game)
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FOFirm Order
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FOFail Open
FOFlake Off (polite form)
FOFlight Order (US Navy)
FOFlash Override
FOFourth Official (soccer)
FOFacilities Office
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FOFriendship Over
FOForced Outage (power industry)
FOForlì, Emilia (Italian province)
FOFrequent Observation
FOFarmowners (multiple line insurance policy covering farmowner's property and liability coverage)
FOFirst Orbit
FOFirst Orchestra (Plano, TX)
FOFrosted Orange (drink)
FOFocus Offset
FOFlow Orifice
FOFull Organ
FOFederation Object
FOForeign Operations Administration
FOFlight Object
FOFun Orb (game website)
FOFully Orthogonal
FOFree Overside
FOFire & Observe
FOFunctional Orthosis
FOForm Stroke (swimming)
FOFinsbury Orthopaedics Ltd (UK)
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"Fixed orifice steam traps do not fail open. Because of the success of the GEM steam traps, Aesica has decided to complete those final areas not previously converted to GEM traps to benefit from additional energy savings."
This allows for true fail open position indication and visual confirmation via the external position indicator and machined shaft flats on the top of the output shaft.
The omission, it said, left Fianna Fail open to the suggestion that none of the cash had been handed to it, that Dublin North constituency had spent their usual election expenses and that Mr Burke had spent pounds 30,000.
IFOKUS Electric Actuators anti-surge actuators developed for 80kN fail open operation.
The valves can be supplied with standard, Air-to-open, fail close, Air-to-close, fail open actuators.
"GEM fixed orifice venturi steam traps do not fail open and because of this the plant is benefiting from improved environmental practice".
* A "fail open" technology that, in the event of a malfunction, fuel continues to be red to the generator--ensuring there is no interruption of power to the industrial operation
Tenders are invited for Provide renewal-nx 7400 support platinum 1 year fireeye, 2 ea of nx 7400 advanced threat intelligence plus cloud 2-way 1 year fireeye, 2 ea of renewal-active fail open switch 1g support platinum 1y fireeye.