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But if Labour give licence to the Tories and fail to reject their Withdrawal Agreement without a People's Vote, they will be forever remembered on the wrong side of history.
Speaking to journalists during a visit to local newspapers in Chichester, Mr Dinsmore praised local papers "as a force for good in our society" but warned of the dangers if MPs fail to reject the Section 40 costs sanction and the broad Leveson 2-style inquiry, which have been tagged onto the Data Protection Bill.
As mentioned earlier, the Philips-Perron test rejects the null of a unit root, while the DF-GLS test fail to reject the null of a unit root.
Most studies examining such a relationship will fail to reject the null and thus probably won't see any more light of day than that provided at disciplinary conferences.
As shown in table 1, we fail to reject the null hypothesis of a unit root for both the federal funds rate and the thirty-year conventional mortgage rate.
Again, because the number of false null hypotheses is relatively small, the Livezey-Chen procedure would fail to reject the global null hypothesis, leading an analyst to doubt the reality of any of the local test rejections shown in Fig.
Summary of three local routes statistically similar to national activity-weighted distributions for the 55-mph test group I-70 east of Kentucky SR-9001 Glenwood south of I-20 east of Springs, Louisville, Abilene, TX CO KY One-way distance, mi 18.8 14.0 14.0 Round-trip distance, mi 37.5 28.0 28.0 Segment start latitude 32.3756 39.5586 37.3885 Segment start longitude -99.0450 -107.3395 -86.6981 Segment end latitude 32.3957 39.6166 37.3444 Segment end longitude -99.3620 -107.1319 -86.9353 KS statistic (grade) 0.048 0.046 0.049 P-value (grade) 0.027 0.052 0.054 Hypo Test Result (grade) Fail to reject Fail to reject Fail to reject KS statistic (HH dist) 0.098 0.128 0.140 P-value (HH dist) 0.464 0.328 0.390 Hypo test result (HH dist) Fail to reject Fail to reject Fail to reject
The sig value for technology is 0.00 which is less than 0.05 therefore we reject the null hypothesisand fail to reject the alternate hypothesis i.e.
Survey results fail to reject the hypothesis of equal level of perceived impact between the three groups of banking executives, namely, those with Master's and Ph.D.'s, those holding a Baccalaureate degree, and those with high school diploma or an Associate of Arts degree.
The computed value of Z is less than 1.96; thus, we fail to reject the null hypothesis.
If we perform the [F.sup.R.sub.[lambda]] test and fail to reject this set of restrictions then we conclude that the corresponding country satisfies the "linear trend" hypothesis.
However, after allowing for cross-sectional dependence, the results are reverted, and we fail to reject the null hypothesis of unit root, indicating that the gender unemployment series and the gender gap series in the EU-15 countries are not stationary with the presence of structural break.