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FTKAFailed to Keep Appointment
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The dissipated youth who had called himself Dalroy had a horribly quiet way with him; if Boulnois failed to keep appointments that had been made, Dalroy had a sinister air of keeping appointments that hadn't.
He says the agreement never worked because his ex-wife frequently failed to keep appointments. "I told the lawyers I wanted to go for full custody," he says.
On two dates earlier this year he failed to keep appointments with his probation officer.
The review found their move from care to independence was not managed as robustly as it should have been and all agencies involved struggled to maintain meaningful contact with the couple, as the parents often failed to keep appointments.
Faye Branighan was due to be sentenced at Teesside Crown Court yesterday but had failed to keep appointments with probation officials compiling background reports.
She failed to keep appointments with her probation officers, however, and she went out shoplifting again while they were waiting for her in the office, Cardiff Crown Court heard yesterday.
But by the time of the killing she had "disengaged" with those professionals whose records show she failed to keep appointments.
Stajsavlijevic was jailed because he has a record of previous convictions, he failed to keep appointments with probation and he was also banned from driving for three years.
He said she then failed to keep appointments at a Birmingham psychiatric clinic in May and June.
Heroin addict Mark Patterson, 42, has failed to keep appointments under a drug treatment and testing order.
He failed to keep appointments with church officials who were concerned about rumours linking him with Mrs McPhee.
He also failed to keep appointments with his probation officer.