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FOLBFailover and Load Balancing
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As in the Shared HBA solution, path failover and load balancing is performed with the VERITAS Volume Manager software solution.
The NIC Express solution will enable NETGEAR customers to enhance their servers and workstations with advanced network failover and load balancing functionality that is currently being used by some of the world's most fault tolerant environments, including trading operations at Bear Stearns, the U.
NIC Express technology provides excellent failover and load balancing capabilities for NETGEAR Gigabit Ethernet adapters.
Through automation of path failover and load balancing, CLARiiON delivers double value of reliability and prevention of costly and time-consuming outages.
Therefore, both B2B and B2C enterprises increasingly require their systems to support clustering, failover and load balancing.
Alchemy has demonstrated unprecedented performance in failover and load balancing with their CryptoCluster(TM) technology.
The software-only nature of this utility enables PolyServe to offer failover and load balancing capability at breakthrough pricing.
Unify eWave Engine Enterprise is a multi-user, multi-server version adding support for replication, failover and load balancing.
Passport IntRprise's unique architecture enables developers to build applications that can be deployed as thin client applications with robust support for server failover and load balancing.