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METI said it had not disclosed the incidents until then ''because they did not stem from defects in the models, but from users' failure to follow instructions from the maker about ventilating rooms when using its gas water heaters.''
Lack of work ethic or motivation (fairly often) 3.46 Unethical behavior 3.22 Failure to follow instructions 3.21 Ineffective in working in a team 3.19 Failure to take initiative (sometimes) 3.10 Missing assignment deadlines 2.98 Unable to communicate effectively verbally 2.97 Inappropriate use of computer/technology 2.90 Being late for work 2.83 Unable to communicate effectively in writing 2.81
Other reasons include unauthorised absence, financial irregularities, misuse of telephone facilities, gross insubordination and failure to follow instructions.
When our failure to follow instructions or heed advice resulted in less-than-stellar performance, we were duly reprimanded.
Possible causes that explain some of the injuries include the creation of a false passage during uterine sounding or cervical dilation that misguided the applicator during insertion, uterine wall thinning from prior endometrial ablation, mechanical instrumentation, C-section, and prolonged use of Depo-Provera (medroxy-progesterone) leading to uterine wall thinning, and failure to follow instructions for use.
Epidemiologists have discovered that growing resistance to potentially life-saving drugs can be attributed to misuse of broad-spectrum antibiotics; increasing use of prosthetics and invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures; growing consumer demand for antibiotics; patients, failure to follow instructions for antibiotic therapy; routine use of penicillin in cattle and chicken feed; and lax rules governing the use of antibiotics in other countries.
"Each school can now know its strengths and weaknesses," Knec chief executive Mercy Karogo said at a meeting to receive feedback from a team that went round the country last week to inspect the quality of learning.A report prepared by the Directorate of Quality Assurance and Standards in the Ministry of Education last year identified the use of sheng, failure to follow instructions, poor time management skills and rushing to answer questions before understanding them among the shortcomings that cost candidates dearly in national examinations.
METI said it did not disclose the incidents until then because they did not stem from defects in the models, but from users' failure to follow instructions from the maker about ventilating rooms when using its gas water heaters.