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23 on a city warrant for failure to pay fines. She bonded and given a City Court date.
During Operation Crunch, 76 people have been arrested for house burglary, car crime, possession and supply of drugs, handling stolen goods and other related matters such as failure to attend court, or failure to pay fines imposed by the court.
Diplomats, businessmen, and journalists attended the event.Sir Lankans released *In respect of Sri Lankan President's request, the government has decided to release 65 Sri Lankans who were in jail for failure to pay fines imposed on them.
For violations occurring on or after March 12, 2007, if the community sanction violation that is not based upon a failure to pay fines, costs, or restitution is committed by a violent felony offender of special concern as defined in s.
However, failure to pay fines is so common, since there is no system to enforce or collect fines, they fall back on committals.
Albanian Airlines is also banned due to security and immigration concerns, while Cameroon Airlines is barred for the failure to pay fines for transporting inadequately documented passengers, reported The Associated Press.
Arrested for failure to pay fines for not having TV licence in March 1996.
An arrestee brought a civil rights action under [section] 1983, alleging that his constitutional rights were violated by his warrantless detention on a drunk driving charge, and a civil debt-related incarceration for failure to pay fines and court costs.
Circa 1995, it was estimated that more than 30 percent of admissions to provincial correctional institutions were a result of failure to pay fines, C-41 established two alternatives to incarceration for failure to pay fines: the nonissuance or renewal of licenses or permits and a streamlined ability to register the outstanding amount of the fine as a civil judgment.
All of them have been convicted of larceny, drunk driving, and other nonviolent offenses, including failure to pay fines imposed as part of a criminal sentence.
States are considering 218 bills to suspend or revoke driving privileges for failure to make child support payments, failure to pay fines or appear in court, unlawfully overtaking a school bus and obstructing traffic while engaged in the solicitation of a lewd act, among many other reasons.
Failure to pay fines under sections 419, 420 and 468 will lead to extension of six months in their jail term on each count.
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