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FAIRFederation for American Immigration Reform
FAIRFederal Activities Inventory Reform act
FAIRFleet Air (US Navy)
FAIRFairness & Accuracy In Reporting
FAIRFacility for Antiproton and Ion Research
FAIRFair Access to Insurance Requirements (insurance for those unable to obtain property insurance elsewhere)
FAIRForum pour d'Autres Indicateurs de Richesse (French: Forum for Other Indicators of Wealth)
FAIRFamilies Acting for Innocent Relatives (UK)
FAIRFort Apache Indian Reservation
FAIRFoundation for Apologetic Information & Research
FAIRFair, Accurate, Inclusive, and Respectful Educatin Act (California)
FAIRFindable Accessible Interoperable Re-Usable (data management)
FAIRForum for Academic and Institutional Rights, Inc
FAIRFirst Article Inspection Report (aerospace)
FAIRFactor Analysis of Information Risk
FAIRForum for African Investigative Reporters (est. 2003)
FAIRForum Against Islamophobia & Racism
FAIRFast and Intertwined Regular (Lanes; traffic management)
FAIRFloridians Against Inequities in Rates
FAIRFederal Accountability Initiative for Reform
FAIRFederation of Afro-Asian Insurers and Reinsurers
FAIRFlorida Assessment for Instruction in Reading
FAIRFundamentals of Artificial Intelligence Research
FAIRFairness and Accountability in Insurance Reform
FAIRFair Activities Inventory Reform
FAIRFairness in Asbestos Resolution Act of 2003
FAIRFederal Agriculture Improvement & Reform Act of 1996
FAIRFamilies Are Important Resources (Growing Up Healthy Downtown project)
FAIRFinancial Accounting and Inventory Record
FAIRFund for Action on Investment Responsibility (Social Investment Organization and Tides Canada Foundation)
FAIRFalsely Advertised, Ill-conceived Rhetoric
FAIRFrogs and International Rabbits (gaming clan)
FAIRFree Assistance in Recreation (Canada)
FAIRFlexible, Achievable, Inclusive, Respectful
FAIRForum for American Israeli Relations (University of Puget Sound)
FAIRFacility Annual Inspection Report
FAIRFighter, Attack, Intercept, Reconnaissance
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States responded by establishing Fair Access to Insurance Requirements plans, sometimes called assigned-risk pools or FAIR plans, to serve people unable to purchase property insurance in the voluntary market because of excessive risk that may be beyond their control.
Only a dozen or so of these plans, called Fair Access to Insurance Requirements, or FAIR plans, offer homeowners coverage.
Using her leverage in business and politics, Procope spearheaded the creation of the Fair Access to Insurance Requirements Plan in 1968.
Many Resort to Market Of Last Resort Fair Access to Insurance Requirements plans have grown in recent years as more homeowners, especially along the coast, find they can't secure coverage in the standard market.
The California Fair Access to Insurance Requirements Plan, a last-resort insurer for many homeowners who can't buy coverage on the open market, will no longer accept new applications throughout most of the state.
After October 1968, this reinsurance was made available only to companies that fully participated in plans to provide urban property owners fair access to insurance requirements, called FAIR plans.
The FAIR, or Fair Access to Insurance Requirements, plan began with a handful of customers who couldn't get conventional policies and now covers about 236,000 people with some $13.