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FIPInternational Pharmaceutical Federation
FIPFeline Infectious Peritonitis
FIPFonds d'Investissement de Proximité (French: Local Investment Fund)
FIPFull Impact Pro (wrestling promotion; Florida)
FIPFuzzy Information Processing
FIPFederazione Italiana Pallacanestro (Italian Basketball Federation)
FIPFederal Implementation Plan
FIPFederal Identity Program (Canadian)
FIPFactory Information Protocol
FIPFast Ip
FIPFielding Independent Pitching (baseball statistic)
FIPFédération Internationale Pharmaceutique (International Pharmaceutical Federation)
FIPFamily Investment Program
FIPFédération Internationale de la Presse (French: International Press Federation)
FIPFederal Information Processing
FIPFonds d'Intervention de Proximité (French: Local Investment Fund)
FIPForeign Investment Partnership (China)
FIPFinancial Improvement Plan
FIPForestry Incentives Program
FIPForest Inventory and Planning
FIPFair Information Practices
FIPFuel Injection Pump
FIPFacility Interface Processor
FIPFoam In Place
FIPForce Improvement Program (US Air Force)
FIPFactory Instrumentation Protocol
FIPFrance Inter Paris (radio station)
FIPFemale Iron Pipe
FIPFoundation for Inner Peace
FIPFire Indicator Panel (fire protection)
FIPFédération des Industries de la Parfumerie (French: Perfume Industry Federation)
FIPFracture Initiation Pressure (geomechanics)
FIPFuture India Party
FIPFDDI Interface Processor
FIPFile Processor Buffering
FIPFitness Improvement Program (US Air Force)
FIPThe Future India Party (politics)
FIPFibre Channel over Ethernet Initialization Protocol (computing)
FIPFormation Interuniversitaire de Physique (French: Interuniversity Physical Training)
FIPFlow-Induced Pulsation (oil industry)
FIPFinal Implementation Plan
FIPFédération Internationale des Podologues
FIPFirearms Interest Police (Canadian Firearms Centre)
FIPFluorescent Indicator Panel
FIPFinancial Information Processing
FIPFundos de Investimento em Participação (Portuguese: Participatory Investment Funds; Brazil)
FIPFinite Intersection Property (space topology)
FIPFacility Improvement Program
FIPFree Internet Press (news website)
FIPFingerPost Information Processor
FIPFinancial Information Pointer
FIPFlight Instruction Program
FIPFuture Income Potential
FIPFault Isolation Procedure
FIPFASTbus Interconnect Panel (Newbridge)
FIPFederación de Instituto Pastorales
FIPFederal Information Plan
FIPField Inspection Procedure
FIPFlight Increment Plan
FIPFuerzas de Intervención Policial (Guatemala special task force)
FIPFinance Image Processor
FIPFédération Internationale de Philately (French: International Federation of Philately)
FIPFull Intra-Pair (Spin-Coupling)
FIPFiber In-building Panel (ADC)
FIPFocus Integration Program (Intel)
FIPFact Issue Paper
FIPFilmwriter Interface Processor
FIPFunctional Implementation Plan
FIPFonds d'Intervention Pédagogique (French: Educational Intervention Fund)
FIPFleet Introduction/Improvement/Isolation Program
FIPFiber Infrastructure Provider
FIPFleet Innovation Project
FIPFurniture, Inventory, and Purchasing
FIPFixed Issue Point (US DoD)
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Compliance to the fair information practices: How are the Fortune 500 handling online privacy disclosures?
(16) The FTC advocated industry use of "the widely-accepted fair information practice principles of notice, choice, access, and security." (17) Despite its efforts, in 1999 the Commission reported "that only 10% of the sites posted disclosures that even touched on all four fair information practice principles." (18) Still, the Commission recommended that self-regulatory efforts be given a chance to work.
They constitute the two most important recent efforts to establish comprehensive privacy codes, and one or more of the "Fair Information Practices" that they embody are incorporated into many bills currently pending before Congress.
These are adapted from DMA's "Fair Information Practices Checklist." [6] The use of the word "customer" below can be altered to fit your specific situation; it can apply to "clients," "members" and "users" alike.
Many members of Congress endorse the Federal Trade Commission's so-called "Fair Information Practice Principles" ("FIPPs").
To appreciate the new Act, it will be helpful to know something about the existing one from which it largely derives its core values of fair information practices -- the federal Privacy Act.
If there is a major shortcoming in Rosen's analysis, it is his failure to discuss fair information practices. In the last 25 years or so, fair information practices have formed the basis for nearly every information privacy law passed anywhere around the world.
We then compared the products against the well-established standards of Fair Information Practices (FIPs) [8].
On the privacy front, fair information practices as found in the HIPAA privacy standard were first developed by an advisory committee to the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, the predecessor to HHS, in a report issued in July 1973 titled "Records, Computers, and the Rights of Citizens." The report by the Secretary's Advisory Committee on Automated Personal Data Systems made recommendations on developing a Code of Fair Information Practices, which today represents the foundation of most privacy regimes and proposals.
The EU directive, and laws in Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and one pending in Australia are all based on a set of Fair Information Practices and OECD privacy principles.
To earn a privacy seal for a website, a company must implement the four fair information practices and submit to periodic monitoring.
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