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FMRFormer (government official title)
FMRFair Market Rents (HUD)
FMRFriends of the Mississippi River (watershed conservancy)
FMRFinancial Management Regulation
FMRFamily Medicine Residency (various organizations)
FMRForbundet Mot Rusgift (Norwegian anti-drug association)
FMRFlux, Matrices, Réseaux (French: Flow, Matrices, Networks)
FMRFull Motion Recording (software)
FMRFranc-Maçonnerie Régulière (French: Regular Freemasonry)
FMRFalse Match Rate (biometrics)
FMRFederal Management Regulations
FMRForce Mobile Reserve (UN)
FMRFlexible Market Research
FMRField Metabolic Rate
FMRFirst Medical Responder (Canada)
FMRField Marketing Representative
FMRFull Material Release
FMRField Material Requisition (construction)
FMRFilm Music Review (online magazine)
FMRFoundation for Medical Research
FMRFédération Départementale des Sociétés Musicales du Rhône (French: Rhone Departmental Federation of Musical Societies; Rhone, France)
FMRFollow Main Road
FMRFocused Medical Review
FMRFêtes Moins Risquées (French: Less Risky Holidays)
FMRFollow Me Roaming (communications)
FMRFragile Mental Retardation
FMRFixed Mesh Refinement
FMRFully Medically Ready
FMRFidelity Management and Research Corporation
FMRFouets Mouches Rivières (French fishing association)
FMRField Modification Request
FMRFerro-Magnetic Resonance
FMRFlying Monkey Right (online forum)
FMRFoundation for Melanoma Research
FMRFeature Modification Request
FMRFlorence Military Reservation (Florence, Arizona)
FMRField Material Handling Robot
FMRFrequency Modulated Radar
FMRFederal Mineral Royalty
FMRFunctional Management Review
FMRFriend, Moloney and Rauscher (viruses)
FMRFleet Material Readiness
FMRFunds Management Record
FMRForce Mix Ratio
FMRFire Master Record (insurance)
FMRField Modification Report
FMRFinancial Management Report/Review
FMRFriends of the Molalla River (Oregon, USA)
FMRForward Maintenance and Repair
FMRField and Mobile Robotics
FMRFile Master Record
FMRFleet Modernization Request
FMRForce Modernization Report
FMRFresh Molten Rock
FMRFloodwood Mountain Reservation (Lake Clear, NY)
FMRFull Materiel Review (US DoD)
FMRFace Melting Records (UK)
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Fair Market Rents are well-suited for their intended purpose--setting payment standards for assisted housing programs--but are not ideal for the more extensive analysis in this article.
The Housing Authority of the County of San Bernardino (HACSB) invites firms to submit their proposals for reviewing and updating local rental submarkets and subsequent Fair Market Rents within the County of San Bernardino for the Housing Choice Voucher program.
On average, across all 461 counties, fair market rents as set by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) represented 28 percent of estimated median household income while monthly house payments on a median-priced home represented 24 percent of estimated median income.
The counties that saw the largest rise in the number of millennial generation consumers had average household incomes of $62,496, average populations of 587,522, median homes prices of $406,800 and average fair market rents for three bedroom apartments of $1,619.
The firm analyzed average fair market rents for three-bedroom homes in 370 U.
Introducing Guest Beer and Market Rent Only options will deliver fair market rents and ensure licensees are able to buy beer at competitive prices.
The properties could continue to stand as rentals to capitalize on existing fair market rents and as significant upside for a long term investor.
On August 6, HUD issued the proposed 2005 Fair Market Rents (FMR), which in some areas vary dramatically from the current FMR.
Findings from the annual report are based on the group's analysis of data from the Census Bureau and HUD's calculations of fair market rents in each state, county and metropolitan area.
Fair Market Rents are used to calculate the maximum subsidy HUD provides households with Section 8 vouchers.