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FRVFonds de Revenu Viager
FRVFamily Recreational Vehicle
FRVFull Replacement Value
FRVFair Rental Value
FRVFrance Robinetterie Valves (French valve company)
FRVFox River Valley (Aurora, IL)
FRVFamily Recreational Vehicle (Honda)
FRVFrench Riviera
FRVFrente Radical Verdiblanco (Spanish: Radical Green-White Front; soccer fan group; Colombia)
FRVFeline Rhinotracheitis Virus
FRVForced Respiratory Volume (pulmonary measure)
FRVFile Reference Variable (computer programming)
FRVFrequency Resonance Vibration
FRVFinal Rendezvous
FRVFederatia Romana de Volei (Romanian Volleyball Federation)
FRVFunctional Residual Volume
FRVFeedwater Regulating Valve
FRVFederally Reportable Violations
FRVFaith Victory Association
FRVFirst Rule Violation
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7) The testimony of expert witnesses was presented as to the fair rental value of the Florida realty.
The right-of-way fee is simply fair rental value for use of this public property.
Exclusion of the allowance is limited to the amount actually used to rent or provide a home and to the fair rental value of the home, furnishings, and appurtenances, plus the cost of utilities and other qualifying expenses.
Specific services: special work, work studies, and estimate fair rental value and non-contentious legal and leasehold studies.
31, 2001, the excludable rental allowance is limited to the fair rental value of the home (including any furnishings and garages) plus the cost of utilities.
In the event that one cotenant wrongfully excludes another from access, then the excluded tenant may be entitled to the fair rental value of his or her ownership interest in the property as a result of an ouster.
A minister who lives in a church-owned parsonage may exclude the fair rental value of the property from income for federal taxes.
The Court has stated that "[o]rdinarily, a leasehold interest has a compensable value whenever the capitalized then fair rental value for the remaining term of the lease, plus the value of any renewal right, exceeds the capitalized value of the rental the lease specifies.
The amount you pay is no more than the fair rental value.
The amount of the housing allowance that the minister may exclude from gross income is limited to the smallest of: (1) the fair rental value of the home, including furnishings and related structures such as a garage, plus the cost of utilities;[12] (2) the amount of the designated allowance;[13] (3) the amount actually spent to provide a home;[14] or (4) the amount of reasonable compensation for services the minister performs.