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FVFuture Value
FVFruit and Vegetable (diet)
FVFront View
FVFarmville (simulation game)
FVFantasy Violence
FVFountain Valley (California)
FVFinite Volume
FVFair Value
FVFace Value
FVFishing Vessel
FVFluidez Verbal (Spanish: Verbal Fluency)
FVFederal Vision (theology)
FVFunk Volume (record label)
FVFootball Victoria (Victoria, Australia)
FVFamily Voices (Albuquerque, NM, USA)
FVFalcon View (US Air Force)
FVFighting Vehicle (military personnel vehicle; UK)
FVFlow Volume (medicine)
FVFunnel Viscosity (petroleum)
FVFamily Video
FVFull Vacuum
FVFlow Valve (industrial control description)
FVFirm Value
FVFixed-Length Vector
FVFinal Vowel
FVFunker Vogt (band)
FVFits Viewer
FVField Validation
FVField Verification (Census)
FVFunctional Validation
FVFighting Vipers (Sega game)
FVFort Vancouver
FVFile Viewing
FVFaye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop character)
FVFollowing Vehicle
FVFeitelijke Vereniging (Dutch)
FVFiel Vergnügen
FVFolio Verso (Latin: on the back of the page)
FVFernando Valenzuela (basebal player)
FVForward Visibility ____ (Miles)
FVFixed-to-Variable Length Coding
FVFiring Velocity
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A subsidiary of MDC Holdings Inc (NYSE:MDC), Richmond American Homes of Arizona Inc disclosed on Thursday the unveiling of a new gated community, Falcon View in Glendale, Arizona, USA.
The victim was identified as Brentrice Wilson, who was pronounced dead at the scene after officers responded to a report of shooting at Falcon View Apartments on East Palestine Avenue in Madison at around 3:25 a.m.
L-3 supplies Tactical Rover (e) with its SoldierSight software suite that allows troops to view and record the aircraft position and sensor point of interest on Falcon View moving map software.
The latest Falcon View printout may not show a village or habitation for twenty miles, but if you have a flat tyre one or more folk will have materialised out of God knows where for the free entertainment before you even have the lug nuts off.
Power-source agnostic; works with batteries and alternative power systems already carried by the soldier, as well as vehicle power Radios (PRC-152, PRC-117, PRC-148, RT-1922, RF-7800S) and peripherals including rangefinders and video down link receivers (MVR-IV, SIR, RF-7800T) Common mapping, CAS and C2/SA applications (FBCB2 JCR-V, TACP CASS, BAO Suite, StrikeLink, Falcon View, PSS-SOF)
The Raven's "Falcon View" tracks everything on the ground and in the air.
The unit installed software program Falcon View on all of the TOC and TAC computers before departure.
"Because of its capability, we're able to carry the entire electronic-order-of-battle database with us in the airplane." Since all contacts are displayed in a common environment--the Falcon View mission-planning system--it "really starts to integrate a whole bunch of different things we have looked at from the Prowler community so far." He stressed, however, that these new systems and the tactics the enable are still in the experimental stage.
It can interface with existing mission planning software, such as Falcon View, and environmental or civil engineering systems such as Environmental Management Information System Hazardous Material (EMIS HAZMAT) Tracker, Geo-Reach and BCAT.
Falcon View is one of the few early examples of dedicated military mapmaking facilities.
"It was like having an FBCB2 or a Falcon View in your face.
Planning teams use Falcon View to view digital maps and imagery and to build control measure overlays for export to other C2 systems.