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FALINTILForças Armadas para a Liberação Nacional do Timor Leste
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(54) In reality, the civilian population was in fact 'strongly determined to feed, shelter, and provide information to Falintil and continually replenish its ranks'.
In particular, this period saw the armed wing of the resistance honoured as the primary contributor to the liberation struggle and set Falintil veterans apart as the most esteemed members of East Timorese society.
As aforementioned, in Timor-Leste, the army (F-FDTL, Falintil-Forcas de Defesa de Timor-Leste in Portuguese) has its origins in the transformation of Falintil into a regular armed force.
"Through Operation Pacific Angel, [the Air Force, Falintil Forcas de Defesa de Timor-Leste and Australian International Stabilization Forces] are able to provide the people of Timor-Leste with much needed support and care," said Lt.
En particular, la politica de asentamientos fue parcialmente exitosa en crear condiciones de aislamiento de las fuerzas de Falintil respecto a sus apoyos populares.
recruited its staff from the reserves of FALINTIL, the armed resistance group that fought for independence (Neves, 2006).
On the resistance side was the guerilla army, Falintil (Armed Forces for the Liberation of East Timor), and the clandestine system that operated in cell structures parallel with the administration.
''The important thing is that you maintain the fighting spirit and never lose confidence,'' said Ruak, who used to command the rebel army Falintil.
reached in its dealings with Falintil, the armed wing of the resistance.
and by members of the former guerilla army, Falintil." (122) Furthermore, Protestant, Muslim, and ethnic Chinese minorities also suffered human rights abuses for their alleged "ties to the Indonesian power structure." (123) A functioning judiciary was needed to address these human rights violations.
In its preamble, the Constitution notes the struggle for independence since the invasion of East Timor in December 1975, and praises the resistance movement comprising the armed front FALINTIL, the clandestine front in which thousands of civilians, particularly young people fought for freedom and independence, and the diplomatic front which attempted to mobilise world opinion in favour of an independent state.
Leaders of the National Liberation Armed Forces of East Timor (Falintil), the armed wing of the Revolutionary Front for an Independent East Timor (Fretilin), met with leaders of pro-Jakarta militias at a hotel in downtown Singapore, said Kjell Ake Nordquist, head of the Department of Peace and Conflict Research at Sweden's Uppsala University.