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FALFRAME (Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments) Alternatives Laboratory
FALBundesforschungsanstalt für Landwirtschaft (federal research institute for agriculture, Braunschweig, Germany)
FALFerrovie Appulo Lucane (Italian railway company)
FALFrance Amérique Latine (French: France Latin America; association)
FALFoothill Athletic League (San Francisco, CA)
FALFusil Automatique Leger (Fabrique Nationale Light Automatic Rifle)
FALFédération des Associations Laïques (French: Secular Association Federation)
FALFédération des Amicales Laïques (French: Lay Fellowship Federation)
FALFinal Assembly Line
FALFunctional Adult Literacy (various locations)
FALConvention on Facilitation of International Maritime Traffic (Maritime Law)
FALFaliscan (linguistics)
FALFirst Approach and Landing (US NASA)
FALFailure Analysis Laboratory (various organizations)
FALFunds At Lloyd's (insurance)
FALFrame Alignment Loss
FALFrequency Allocation List
FALFuji Air Line (Japan)
FALFault Applicability List (Navy PPP based curriculum development)
FALFall About Laughing
FALFilter, Air, Carbon/Charcoal
FALForces Armées de Laos (Lao Armed Forces)
FALFeature-Assisted Lithography
FALFunctional Area Lead
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Especially as the script for the six-part series Supernova (BBC2, Tuesday) made him fall about laughing.
If I didn't care about children I could fall about laughing at this St Trinian's scenario.
But Casper claims there's a real fitness benefit to doing the Slide as well as making all your mates fall about laughing.
They either tell her never to repeat what she has just said, or just fall about laughing at her.
The artists would fall about laughing if they could see the fuss we're making hanging their work drawings at the Getty,'' Clayton said.
Delighted onlookers fall about laughing at the big man's painful predicament.