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The day of the fall of the Bastille carries great symbolism not only for the French people, but for the entire European continent, and 'freedom, equality and fraternity' are the values ??we all strive for.
The French Revolution begins with the fall of the Bastille Prison.
TODAY, 14th July - the day of the fall of the Bastille - marks the 50th anniversary of the famous Carmarthen by-election when Gwynfor Evans was elected Plaid Cymru's first MP.
Only a lunatic would repudiate an account of, say, the fall of the Bastille or Battle of Marathon because the historian had been born one or one hundred generations too late to savor the sulfur or participate in a phalanx.
The spark for the outburst was a dinner on July 14 to celebrate the second anniversary of the Fall of the Bastille and the onset of the French Revolution.
And the big Les Mis climax should send you all out singing about the fall of the Bastille, or something, at the top of your voice.
Expect all the big numbers from the likes of Miss Saigon, The Lion King, Phantom Of the Opera, We Will Rock You, Chicago and many more, while the big climax from Les Mis should send you all out singing about the fall of the Bastille, or something, at the tops of your voices.
The fall of the Bastille started the French Revolution and spread to other parts of France.
Death, which often occurred during dramatic political events, such as the fall of the Bastille and political demonstrations and counterdemonstrations, provided opportunities for ceremonial processions and gatherings, with pompous or tearful funeral eulogies, plaster busts of the deceased, and popular engravings of various types.
The sheer administrative load which the surveillance of every barrel or parcel of books imposed was beyond its capacity to handle, and the system was gradually abandoned after the fall of the Bastille. One of the most striking features of the lists discussed by Dawson is the number of titles which cannot be identified in any way from what we know today.
St Clair also says that one of the 'first acts' of the French Revolution was to abolish the slave trade: not so, for, even when on February 4th, 1794, approaching five years after the fall of the Bastille, the Convention abolished slavery, it did not specifically outlaw the trade.
"Palocci's end was like the fall of the Bastille but Lula has once before shown the ability to fight back."