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FMRFormer (government official title)
FMRFair Market Rents (HUD)
FMRFriends of the Mississippi River (watershed conservancy)
FMRFinancial Management Regulation
FMRFamily Medicine Residency (various organizations)
FMRForbundet Mot Rusgift (Norwegian anti-drug association)
FMRFlux, Matrices, Réseaux (French: Flow, Matrices, Networks)
FMRFull Motion Recording (software)
FMRFranc-Maçonnerie Régulière (French: Regular Freemasonry)
FMRFalse Match Rate (biometrics)
FMRFederal Management Regulations
FMRForce Mobile Reserve (UN)
FMRFlexible Market Research
FMRField Metabolic Rate
FMRFirst Medical Responder (Canada)
FMRField Marketing Representative
FMRFull Material Release
FMRField Material Requisition (construction)
FMRFilm Music Review (online magazine)
FMRFoundation for Medical Research
FMRFédération Départementale des Sociétés Musicales du Rhône (French: Rhone Departmental Federation of Musical Societies; Rhone, France)
FMRFollow Main Road
FMRFocused Medical Review
FMRFêtes Moins Risquées (French: Less Risky Holidays)
FMRFollow Me Roaming (communications)
FMRFragile Mental Retardation
FMRFixed Mesh Refinement
FMRFully Medically Ready
FMRFidelity Management and Research Corporation
FMRFouets Mouches Rivières (French fishing association)
FMRField Modification Request
FMRFerro-Magnetic Resonance
FMRFlying Monkey Right (online forum)
FMRFoundation for Melanoma Research
FMRFeature Modification Request
FMRFlorence Military Reservation (Florence, Arizona)
FMRField Material Handling Robot
FMRFrequency Modulated Radar
FMRFederal Mineral Royalty
FMRFunctional Management Review
FMRFriend, Moloney and Rauscher (viruses)
FMRFunds Management Record
FMRFleet Material Readiness
FMRForce Mix Ratio
FMRFire Master Record (insurance)
FMRField Modification Report
FMRFile Master Record
FMRForward Maintenance and Repair
FMRFinancial Management Report/Review
FMRFriends of the Molalla River (Oregon, USA)
FMRField and Mobile Robotics
FMRForce Modernization Report
FMRFresh Molten Rock
FMRFleet Modernization Request
FMRFloodwood Mountain Reservation (Lake Clear, NY)
FMRFull Materiel Review (US DoD)
FMRFace Melting Records (UK)
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With a false match rate below one in a million,this new feature is highly secure, efficient, and let's face it -- quite impressive.
According to Huawei, with a false match rate below one in a million, this new feature is highly secure, efficient and quite impressive.
Introducing equalization technique via implemented algorithm improved the recognition rate up to effective value according False Accept Rate (FAR) and False Match Rate (FMR).
The False Match Rate (FMR), False Non-Match Rate (FNMR) and Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) curves are also calculated by changing the threshold value to reflect the full system performance for a possible application.
We assessed the efficiency of the verification system using FMR (False Match rate) and FNMR (False Non Match Rate) with the following equation:
In addition to other regulations referenced in 21 CFR Parts 1311, iBeta determined that the four V3xx devices, when properly incorporated into an overall prescribing system, meet the required false match rate of 0.001.
The false match rate of the IDILM was 0.8% (n=176) and missed match rate was 2.2% (n=463).
FAR (False Acceptance Rate, Error type II or False Match Rate (FMR))--the probability that the unauthorized user is accepted by the system; the unauthorized user is wrongly recognized as one of the authorized users.
He said: "Typically, the false match rate will be about one in a 1,000." It means that when people try to prove ID, details of someone else will flash up.
Indeed, the US is soon to start collecting more data, with US-VISIT currently in transition from taking two to ten fingerprints, on the grounds that with 63 million people already having had their data recorded upon entering the US, the false match rate is increasing.
German liberal MEP Alexander Alvaro argued against using biometric data for the time being as it had a "false match rate" (i.e.
Since the iris is an immutable and unique physiological characteristic--more so than a fingerprint--iris recognition, which is based on the distinctive ridges, furrows and striations of the iris, offers reliable one-to-one and one-to-many functionality with low false match rates. It also provides a high match speed, due to its use of homogenous templates, and hands-free operation.