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FMSFFalse Memory Syndrome Foundation
FMSFFlorida Master Site File
FMSFFria Moderata Studentförbundet (Swedish student organzation)
FMSFFissile Material Storage Facility
FMSFFinancial Management Service Foundation (Noida, India)
FMSFFalse Memory Syndrome Facts (website)
FMSFFédération des Médecins Spécialistes de France (French: Federation of Medical Specialists of France)
FMSFFuji Medical Systèmes France SA
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Early History of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, False Memory SYNDROME Found.
Franklin was convicted in spite of expert testimony for the defense by memory researcher and False Memory Syndrome Foundation board member Elizabeth Loftus, who argued strenuously against the possibility of repressed memory.
The False Memory Syndrome Foundation is part of a much larger phenomenon which has come to be known in feminist circles as the "backlash.
Falling into this camp of the memory suspicious is an organization called The False Memory Syndrome Foundation in Philadelphia.
to have contacted Pamela Freyd at the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (215-387-1865).
Whittier doesn't take a stand on the veracity of adults' "recovered memories," the main flashpoint in the 1990s "memory wars," a small but influential countermovement led by the False Memory Syndrome Foundation.
Lein said that my article should be considered in the context of the positions of an organization not discussed in my article, the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF).
No neutral observer, Johnston firmly sides with the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, the organization of parents accused - falsely, they say - of incest.