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FPRFinal Progress Report
FPRFixed-Point Representation
FPRFord Performance Racing
FPRFront Patriotique Rwandais (Rwanda Patriotic Front)
FPRFuel Pressure Regulator (automotive)
FPRFalse Positive Rate
FPRFloating Point Register
FPRFingerprint Reader
FPRFuel Pressure Regulator
FPRFree Page Rank
FPRForerunner Pharma Research (Japan)
FPRFinancial Performance Report
FPRFrance Plastiques Recyclage (French: France Plastics Recycling)
FPRFloating-Point Register (CPU architecture)
FPRFilter Performance Rating (air filters)
FPRFour-Port Reflectometer
FPRForeign Postdoctoral Researcher
FPRFirst Person Responsible (various organizations)
FPRFirst Public Relations (various locations)
FPRFlexi Packet Radio
FPRFlight Performance Reserve (US NASA)
FPRFrags per Round (gaming)
FPRFinal Proposal Revision(s)
FPRFichier des Personnes Recherchées (French: Wanted Persons File)
FPRFingerprint Recognition
FPRFederal Procurement Regulation
FPRFirst Pass Rate (medical billing)
FPRFalse Priority Report
FPRFlorida Poodle Rescue
FPRFree Product Recovery (remediation of sites contaminated with fuel oil)
FPRFast Packet Relay
FPRFlight Program (Seneca College, Canada)
FPRFoundation for Paranormal Research
FPRForward Pricing Rate
FPRFabry-Perot Resonator
FPRFlight Plan Route
FPRFaith Promoting Rumor
FPRFocal Point Review
FPRFuel Processing Restoration
FPRFirst Production Run
FPRFlight Profile Recorder
FPRFamily Procedure Rules (formerly Family Proceedings Rules; UK)
FPRFoliage Penetration Radar
FPRFlood Prone River
FPRFinal Project Review
FPRForce Program Review
FPRFederally Prescribed Reserve
FPRForest Practice Rule
FPRFinal Program Requirements
FPRFood Processing Residuals
FPRFeet Per Revolution
FPRFixed Price Reoffer
FPRFixed-Price With Redetermination
FPRFinal Production Run
FPRFamily Parent Rider (insurance)
FPRFailed Part Required
FPRFailed Part Report
FPRFree Person's Roundtable (website)
FPRField Performance Report (oil industry)
FPRFunctional Performance Requirement(s)
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The false accusation rates are calculated with equation (4), using the true positive rate of 0.80 and the false positive rate of 0.02 reported by Knight et al.
The availability of the new second-tier tests allows for better capturing of presumptive positive samples without increasing the false positive rate. The primary screen is still MS/MS, but the increased burden from lowering the cutoff values requires another panel of screening tests to reduce the false-positive rate to a reasonable level.
BluePrint Data encourages potential customers to evaluate vendors and suppliers based on their false positive rate. BluePrint Data is the only company to complete 100% of web site reviews with a minimum of two human reviewers categorizing each web site.
Ultimately, Lott calculated an "initial false positive rate of roughly 94.2%," and this "still doesn't mean that the government hasn't made a mistake on the remaining cases." Lott calculated another higher error rate, based on those cases where the denied party was actually proven to be unable to purchase a gun in a court of law, of 99.98 percent, which might be higher than the actual rate since an assumption can be made that some banned parties did not pursue their case to trial.
For trisomy 18, the false positive rate was 0.01 % for Harmony compared with 0.31% for FTS; for trisomy 13, Harmony had a false positive rate of 0.02%, compared with 0.25% for standard screening.
The false positive rate remains accurate at 1 out of every 1,000 tests, for all sample spaces.
This first iteration of NIPT was offered to high-risk pregnancies and resulted in a significantly lower false positive rate than MSS.
The test has a high false positive rate and many men are unnecessarily referred for the invasive procedure.
For diagnosis of trisomy 21, cfDNA had a higher PPV than standard testing (80.9% vs 3.4%; P<.001) and a lower false positive rate (0.06% vs 5.4%; P<.001).
of images Feature extraction accuracy (%) Proposed Existing Existing GMC-SE FRSD PI-LRPP 10 91 82 75 20 92 84 78 30 94 86 80 40 95 88 82 50 96 91 84 60 97 93 86 70 98 94 89 Table 6.5: Tabulation for false positive rate Number of images False positive rate (%) Proposed RPPM Existing SVD Existing MSR 5 40 45 51 10 42 48 52 15 45 52 54 20 46 56 59 25 48 58 62 30 51 62 67 35 52 64 68 Table 6.6: Cumulative accuracy on hashing Number of Features Cumulative accuracy on hashing (%) Proposed RPPM Existing SVD Existing MSR 10 89.96 72.38 69.87 20 91.25 78.69 70.65 30 92.78 81.35 75.32 40 95.64 84.62 77.65 50 96.12 86.62 79.52 60 96.89 87.62 80.36 70 97.12 88.21 81.23
The conventional decision-tree approach can also achieve a similar detection rate accuracy, but only by increasing its false positive rate from one per million non-malicious web links to one per thousand non-malicious web links.