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FFLTFamiliarization Flight
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A UH-60A crew was on a familiarization flight to regain currency in the Seahawk for the pilot in command (PIG).
During a familiarization flight with the airplane's owner, the two pilots returned to practice full-stop landings.
A strike package comprised of 12 aircraft launched from the carrier, in sections, on a night strike familiarization flight.
I was getting ready to take my onwings on their fifth familiarization flight.
I was the MV-22B instructor on what seemed like a routine familiarization flight at a local civilian airport.
Once, when I was on the designated SAR crew, Operations had assigned us a two-hour, day, NATOPS familiarization flight.
WO2 Chiu is one of three cadet pilots in the Lower Mainland who is qualified to conduct familiarization flights for other cadets after obtaining her pilot license in the summer of 2016 and completing 30 hours as pilot-in-command.
The first six units of the fighter jets have been recently used in familiarization flights in the Visayas and Mindanao, as well as in airstrikes against terror groups in the south.
Throughout the course, FE students receive 11 aircraft familiarization flights, 4 tactical training flights, 3 navigation training flights and 22 simulator sessions.
Other key features include 28 specially designed missions, ranging from training, to familiarization flights, to actual historical engagements.