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FPLFederal Poverty Level
FPLForest Products Laboratory (USDA Forest Service)
FPLFlorida Power and Light
FPLFramingham Public Library (Framingham, MA)
FPLFullerton Public Library (California)
FPLFayetteville Public Library (Fayetteville, AR)
FPLField Programmable Logic
FPLFlight Plan
FPLFile Path List
FPLFile Parameter List
FPLFloating Point Library
FPLFront Panel
FPLFree Public License
FPLForum Proxy Leecher (software)
FPLFaculté Polydisciplinaire de Larache (French: Larache Polydisciplinary School; Larache, Morocco)
FPLFlint Public Library (Flint, Michigan)
FPLFunctional Programming Language
FPLFuerzas Populares de Liberación (El Salvador)
FPLFlexor Pollicis Longus
FPLFiled Flight Plan
FPLFull Performance Level
FPLFederal Perkins Loan (US Department of Education)
FPLForum des Peuples en Lutte (French: Forum of People's Struggle; Canada)
FPLFreedom Public Library (Freedom, NH)
FPLFixed Price List (book and coin dealers)
FPLFinal Protective Line
FPLFeline Panleukopenia (Virus)
FPLFIX (Financial Information Exchange) Protocol Limited (UK)
FPLFairhope Public Library (Fairhope, AL)
FPLFacing Point Lock
FPLFerro Pfanstiehl Laboratories (Mayfield Heights, OH)
FPLFantasy Premier League (fantasy soccer)
FPLFull Power Level
FPLFire-Power Limited (UL rating for fire alarm wire)
FPLFantasy Powers League
FPLForced Preferential Looking (ophthalmology)
FPLFace Pumped Laser
FPLFamilles Populaires à Lourdes (French: Popular Family in Lourdes; Lourdes, Belgium)
FPLFoobar Playlist (Foobar 2000 file format)
FPLFlood Protection Landform (Canada)
FPLFederated Pipelines Ltd
FPLFamily Protection League
FPLForte Pakistan Ltd.