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Besides financial compensation, the government should also provide for the education expenses, family expenditures and treatment expenses of the victims and their families.
Gallup's estimates are for family expenditures and could have remained stable because of a decline in the number of people in each family unit in the country.
70,000 for an MNA was not enough to meet his family expenditures.
He also revealed more white-collar workers were also remitting cash, a practice most common among blue-collar Asian workers to meet their family expenditures back home.
b) Sorted by data between 1988 and 2010 of family expenditures in families with children, announced by Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Department of Agriculture's annual analysis of average family expenditures on children.
Total average family expenditures in Romania at 2012 Macro-region 2005 2010 2011 TOTAL lei, monthly per family Total expenditures 863.
In the past year, average family expenditures have risen TL 434, but the annual civil servant raise was only TL 123, meaning the average civil servant encountered more than TL 300 of extra monthly expenses.
Each partner prefers to contribute independently to family expenditures, paying a certain part of the total, with whatever remains over being considered that partner's "personal money.
The Personal Inflation Calculator initiative will allow users to calculate their personal inflation levels, both in terms of individual expenditures and family expenditures.
Koriom also likened the government spending in the wake of the current austerity measures, to family expenditures, saying even a father plans for his family in a crisis situation.
Ferguson, "Wife's Employment--Its Influence on Major Family Expenditures," Journal of Consumer Studies and Home Economics, June 1981, pp.