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FHCDAFamily Health Care Decisions Act (New York)
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Our speakers discussed Health Care Proxy Law and Living Wills, which are documents that you can complete, while you are competent, appointing someone to act in your stead should you not be able to communicate your wishes to doctors in the event that you become incompetent, and the Family Health Care Decisions Act, which establishes the authority of a substitute or proxy (often referred to as a surrogate) to make medical treatment decisions when a patient has no capacity and there is no health care proxy in place, as well as the Power of Attorney form, which authorizes your agent to make financial decisions on your behalf should you be unwilling or unable to do so.
Whether you have named someone in the Health Care Proxy form to make healthcare decisions on your behalf or someone becomes your proxy under the Family Health Care Decisions Act when they are faced with having to make medical decisions on your behalf during your time of need is it better that they know what you would want?
(8.) Laws of New York 2010, Family Health Care Decisions Act, Art.
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