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FHOBFamily History of Obesity
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A family history of obesity, working status of mother, and less duration of sleeping have a direct relationship on childhood obesity.
Out of 126 students with obesity disorders, 74(58.7%) were having family history of obesity while in 52(41.3%) there was no family history.
By analyzing the family history of obesity and related diseases, it was found that adolescents with ND overweight were more likely to have relatives with the following diseases: diabetes, hypertension and obesity.
OBESITY Schools Colleges PHYSICAL INACTIVITY 38.4 28.5 FAMILY HISTORY OF OBESITY 20 21.8 EATING HABITS 44.3 36.3 Note: Table made from bar graph.
Metabolic syndrome and gingival inflammation in Caucasian children with a family history of obesity. J Clin Periodontol.
Metabolic testing was not performed on any of the 29 children in the chart review, although 48% had a family history of hyperlipidemia and 45% had a family history of obesity.
Questions to assess risk factors included presence of neuroendocrine disorders, family history of obesity, age of obesity onset, presence of depression or high stress levels, and history of smoking.
It also inquired whether the subject was under any prolonged medication and if there was a family history of obesity.
Naja's research, which is set to be published in the coming months, has examined factors that may contribute to these eating habits including family history of obesity and body image.
These include a family history of obesity, lack of physical exercise on a daily basis, and psychological factors where some children overeat to cope with emotions.
Respondents with a family history of obesity had a slightly higher mean BMI than respondents with no family history of obesity; the mean difference was, however, not significant (Table 6).
The participants and their parents signed the consent letter and completed a comprehensive questionnaire, including questions about lifestyle, family history of obesity related co morbidities, personal health and psychological status.
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